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Try Not Use Certification Symbols in a Wrong Manner




Nowadays certification symbols are becoming more and more famous among the public, especially for the “ISO9001”certification. Thus more and more companies tend to pay attention to utilizing certification symbols for the improvement of their images. However, there exist certain speculations for the usage of certification symbols, if they are used in a wrong manner, not even would they be noneffective, but also would constitute a violation of the law.


This year alone, Taizhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has found 24 cases in which the “ISO9001”certification symbol is used in a wrong manner in the inspection of part of export goods within its jurisdiction, involving totally 938,300 US dollars, covered products ranging from gasoline engine generator, industrial sewing machine, sprayer to air compressor, etc.


In some cases the companies faked the “ISO9001”certification symbols. Actually these companies have neither accepted certifications conducted by formal certification bodies, nor gotten certification certificates, yet they claim to having already acquired certification. In accordance with the Management Speculations for Certification Certificates and Certification Symbols issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China in 2004, “it is no allowed to use product certification certificate and related text and symbol to misguide the public into believing its service and management system has passed the certification”, this kind of behavior has already constituted a violation of law.


In other cases the companies used the “ISO9001”certification symbols in a wrong way, which these companies have already passed certifications conducted by relevant management certification organizations, but they just print the certification symbols onto their products or the packages of their products. In accordance with the Management Speculations for Certification Certificates and Certification Symbols: “it is not allowed to print management system certification symbol on a product; only after given a clear indication of the certified organization has passed related management system certification, it is allowed to print management system certification symbol on the package of a product.” So the right way to use a management system certification symbol is to print it on the package of a product after given a clear indication of “the related organization has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.”



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