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CCTV: Sampled 224 Portable Rechargers, None Qualified




Yesterday, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" exposed supply capacity deficiency, safety and other problems of portable rechargers. In a recent national quality inspection carried out by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China to detect the quality of portable rechargers, the General Administration sampled   a total of 224 samples out of 32 batches, unexpectedly the result showed that there exists quality risks in all the samples.


The General Administration said that major safety risks in sampled portable rechargers are: "power capacity deficiency", "output voltage being too low or too high", "non-flame-retardant plastic shell" and "impact may cause short circuit or even self-ignition".


But what worth more worrying from the public is that 6 batches in these sampled products ignited and exploded in the test.


Sales personnel: power capacity deficiency


In the survey carried out by CCTV reporters, many sales staff told the reporters that there exists a problem of power capacity deficiency in the portable rechargers they were selling.

Through the survey, it is found out that power capacity deficiency in the portable rechargers is not at all a secret within the industry. Some sales staff even said that it has now become a common phenomenon.

Sales staff said that one of the key reasons why manufacturers and retailers dare to deceptively oversize the portable rechargers in such a flagrant way is that the consumers are unable to determine whether the portable rechargers are deceptively oversized at all in choosing among various kinds of rechargers.


Inspection: there exist safety risks in all 32 batches of portable rechargers


In order to conduct a diagnostic investigation on domestic portable rechargers’ market, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China recently authorized Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection, Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Institute and National Communication Terminal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to implement a comprehensive inspection on portable rechargers in domestic market.


Recently the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China released the conditions of the inspection: sampled 32 batches of portable rechargers in total, selected 7 samples in each batch which made 224 samples in total; the inspection mainly focused on the usage and safety performance of the main parts of portable rechargers, such as the shells, the battery cores, the circuit board, etc.


Referring to relevant standards of mobile phone batteries and other products, inspection bodies of Shenzhen and Shanghai inspected the 224 portable recharger samples from 32 batches for over one month. And it turned out that there exist quality safety risks in all 32 batches of portable rechargers.

Reporter witnessed: internal short circuit samples leads to spontaneous combustion


The reporter learned that in the impact test the battery cores of 6 batches among the 32 batches of portable rechargers ignited and exploded. Besides, the reporter has witnessed one sample got internal short circuit which led to spontaneous combustion during disassembling process for test


At present, the product quality in domestic portable rechargers’ market is uneven, some are good and some are bad, the quality and safety of portable rechargers raised social concern. Since China has no clear production specifications and testing standards for portable rechargers, many small brand manufacturers use materials like inferior circuit board, lithium ion battery, non-flame-retardant shells to produce copycat products, or even "three no" products, buried a huge hidden trouble in safety.


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