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On 25 March, 2018, Beijing daluhangxing Quality Certification Center Co., Ltd. (HXQC) annual quality conference was held in Be ijing. Ce rtification and acc reditation administration of the people’s Republic of  china(CNCA), China National Accreditation Service for conformity Assessment(CNAS),China certification and accreditation association(CCAA),Beijing Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, Taizhou Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, National Indoor and interior environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Interior Decoration Association, China Cotton Textile Association And other related department leaders were present at the conference, more than 500 delegates attended the conference. The conference was Co-host by HXQC joint cooperation Chief Executive Officer Li Zhanyun and Strategic Security Department Chief Executive Officer Song Yueti.











Group photo of HXQC annual quality conference



Mr. Wang Xiaodong Deputy Director of Technology and Standardization Management Department of CNCA make important instructions.


At the conference, Mr. Wang Xiaodong, Deputy Director of Technology and Standardization Management Department of CNCA, explained in detail the background, process, and quality improvement actions of the “Guidance Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Conducting Quality Improvement Actions” from the macro perspective of the national policy and the important strategic significance of the certification industry.



Mr. Dong Deshan Deputy Secretary-General of CCAA makes an important speech

At the conference, Mr. Dong Deshan Deputy Secretary-General of CCAA delivered an important speech from the perspective of certification practitioners. We hope that our certification practitioners will always maintain their original intentions and create value for consumers and customers.



HXQC Chairman Dr. Li Bolin gave welcome speech on behalf of the company



HXQC vice chairman and chief executive officer Han Haihua make a keynote speech


At the conference HXQC Chairman Dr. Li bolin gave speech on behalf of the company, HXQC vice chairman and chief executive officer Han haihua gave a keynote speech on the promotion of HXQC quality improvement and the work to be carried out by HXQC in the future.


Mr. Chen Tao, Director of Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd



Mr. Pan Kunrong, Deputy Director of Huzhou Highway Authority



Ms. Deng Qiuhui, System leader of Yanjing Beer (Sichuan) Co., Ltd



Mr. Jin Ankui, Representative of Hefei Longfa Packing Co., Ltd



Mr. Li Long, Quality Standard Manager of Hefei Hengli Equipment Co., Ltd



Mr. Hang Yonggang, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Mellow Low Temperature Logistics Co., Ltd



Mr. Xie Yan, Chief Executive officer and Founder of OPO Group for Disability


Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. , Huzhou Highway Authority, Yanjing Beer (Sichuan) Co., Ltd., Hefei Longfa Packing Co., Ltd., Hefei Hengli Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuhan Mellow Low Temperature Logistics Co., Ltd., OPO Group for Disability. The person in charge of the seven certified organizations shared their experiences with the upgraded version of the quality management system.







W inners of the 2017 Quality Management Advanced Organization Award group Photo with the awarding guests





W inners of the 2017 Quality Upgrade Excellence Practice Awards group photo with  The awarding guests




Winners of the 2017 Quality Service Advance Organization Award group with the awarding guests



Winners of the 2017 Outstanding Managerial Delegate Award photo with the awarding guests



Winners of "Auditor Craftsman" Award group photo with the awarding guests.


At the Quality Conference, HXQC also award"2017 Quality Management Advanced Organization Award", "2017 Quality Improvement Excellent Practice Award","2017 Advanced Service Quality Organization Award","2017 Outstanding Manager Representative Award" The accredited organization. The auditor who received the “auditor craftsman” award issued an honor certificate.





Mr. Ke Zhangyong, Senior engineer and member of HXQC technical committee delivered a keynote speech





Dr. Yu Haifeng, Deputy Director of the HXQC Technical Committee gave a keynote speech


In the afternoon's conference, Mr. Ke Zhangyong senior engineer and member of the HXQC technical committee had a dee p discussion with the partic ipants on the them e of “passing trust customer-first value-add ed ce rtification”. Dr. Yu Ha ifeng , Deputy Director of the HXQC Tec hnical Committee , systematically ela borated on the topic of “B ui lding Health Certification and Passing Trust in Food Safety industr y ”. 


At the dinner on 25th  March, HXQC took the theme of “All the way to youth, Thanks for having you” and welcome the family who had returned from afar with self-directed songs and dances.





Group photo of excellent auditor



Group photo of excellent employee award



Group photo of excellent branch award



The party hosts



Opening dance “Gather Together”



Solo Singing “A woman's escort”



Dance “Eternal Love”



Solo singing “Good luck”



Chorus “Running”



Chorus “Katyusha”



Dance “PANAMA”



A stage play "Youth"



Group photo of Cast members and leaders


Quality improves supply, quality leads the future. The HXQC Annual Quality Conference means HXQC’s active response to the national call, conscientiously implementing the spirit of the party's Nineteenth Congress, and the Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Carrying out Quality Improvement. We will make progress instability, jointly improve the quality of supply, actively promote quality improvement, and work together to create a better future. 

Written by the Strategic Security Department


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