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Beijing Daluhangxing Quality Certification Center Co.,Ltd. (HXQC) the 3rd Quality Conference and Annual Meeting was successfully held in Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Shougang Park, form February 24th to 25th , 2023. Nearly 400 people attended the meeting which including the relevant leaders and representatives of the State Administration for Market Regulation, China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA), China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME), HXQC Certification Organization, auditor’s representatives, Headquarter and branches employees.




At the beginning of the meeting, Dr Fang JIANG, the Chairman of HXQC made a keynote speech. Strategy determines the direction, details determine the success or failure. In 2023, HXQC will continue to adhere to the advanced enterprise culture concept leading, force the company into a high sense of social responsibility, high brand recognition, high growth of sustainable and high-quality development of the enterprise.




The Deputy Secretary General of CCAA, Deshan DONG, who stressed at the meeting that "the requirements of quality is never-ending, because people's requirements for the quality of products and services are constantly changing and improving. No matter in developed or developing countries, quality is always valued, and there is endless to quality work. The development prospect of certification industry can be expected, and we will always support quality initiatives in every walk of life in the country.




At the meeting, Professor Sendong AN, the researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Administration for Market Regulation, made a key interpretation of the Outline of Building a strong country with high Quality. The Outline of Building a high-quality Country was issued by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on February 6th, 2023. There is a significant milestone significance in the history of our quality enterprise. According to the main content of the Outline, Professor AN analyzed and shared the key cases, and put forward good suggestions for certification institutions and enterprises, which benefited enterprises and personnel attending the meeting.




Professor Haifeng YU, director of the Technical Committee of HXQC, delivered a work report on "Precise Measures to help small and micro enterprises to continuously improve the" internal power ". The report points out that small and micro enterprises quality management certification promotion action is a continuous process. HXQC will continue to improve the scope and depth of small and micro enterprises quality management certification promotion action, to further enhance the sense of social responsibility, close to the key areas of local economic development, take the initiative to improve the quality and efficiency of small and micro enterprises and local industrial development services. Pay attention to the improvement effect of enterprise quality management.




In this quality conference, HXQC awarded "HXQC Quality Customer Award" to 14 invited enterprises, including the Department Service Bureau of Ministry of Natural Resources, China Power Construction Group, China Judicial Big Data Research Institute Co., LTD., and Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., LTD.; and five invited small and micro enterprises awarded the "Quality Improvement Action Excellence Award". The first day of the meeting came to a close after the winning client representatives shared their experiences.




On the second day of the meeting, Xiaomei HE, the management representative of HXQC, made the 2022 Annual Certification Risk Management Report at the meeting. The report shared industry-related information, introduced the internal and external regulatory information of HXQC, and analyzed and discussed typical problems in the certification audit process. The meeting emphasized, in the face of the local market regulatory authorities on the certification industry supervision, 2023 internal risk control measures will be more strict, certification activities will continue to the effectiveness of self-inspection requirements as a normal management requirements, implemented to each audit/inspection project.




HXQC has always attached importance to quality management and strictly implemented the rules and regulations of the industry. The company will take the self-inspection work as an opportunity for the company to further improve quality control, identify problems, find improvement opportunities, actively implement the main responsibility of the certification body, to certification quality as the core of the work, consciously maintain certification in the social and economic development of the "transfer trust, service development" credibility.


In order to effectively "Improve the professional quality of auditors and strengthen the ability training", Xiaoyu ZHANG, CEO of the Strategic Security Department of HXQC, combined with the actual situation, made a systematic report on the ability improvement of branch leaders and marketing personnel and the ability improvement of audit team members.




Afternoon on the 25th, the director of HXQC Technical Committee hosted a seminar on the process review of the company's technical committee members and members of the Branch Committee. During the meeting, members actively spoke, Analysis of the professional and detailed review process provided valuable opinions and suggestions for the next implementation process review.




Building a strong country and carrying out quality improvement operations is a major strategic deployment made by the central government. It is an important guarantee for promoting the construction of a new development pattern. The quality is connected to the supply, and the demand is connected to the entire industrial chain, incorporating the overall economic development, and comprehensively improving the quality of products and services to help promote the smooth circulation of production, circulation, and consumption, and promote the virtuous cycle of the national economy.


As participants and practitioners, HXQC are very excited and deeply responsible. We will definitely be innovative, actively respond and participate in the "upgrade action of quality management system", go forward with courage, do a good job in the advocates, leaders, innovators and escorters of quality upgrades.



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